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If you build a custom rifle, you can start out with all of the best parts to make your rifle accurate. You can buy an action that has been precisely made so that it is perfectly concentric and squared. Next you add a high quality barrel. Then, you install a custom trigger, a stock made of a solid material that is properly bedded. This is a winning combination and will always work.

However, some people cannot afford to build a custom rifle like this, or your old favorite is not doing as well as you would like, or your new “off the shelf” rifle is not up to snuff, we can accurize it.

Large gun manufacturers cannot spend the time on each rifle that they probably should. If they did, it would result in the same prices as a custom rifle. First, all parts are made on CNC machines and these parts are assembled quickly, with no fitting and not bedded into their stocks. Next, many manufacturers have switched to polymer stocks. These are good from the price standpoint, but not for accuracy. All manufactures install lawyer triggers on their guns. Lawyer’s triggers refer to the trigger pull and ease of adjustment of the trigger used on most firearms.

There has been quite a few lawsuits over the accidents with firearms, so manufacturers have installed triggers that require a lot of effort to get the firearm to discharge. Most factory firearms have a have a lot of sear engagement and a heavy pull. Most are 6-7 pounds. Firearms with lawyer triggers are impossible to shoot accurately.

When we say “accurizing”, we are taking a factory rifle and addressing all these concerns, like properly cleaning the gun, lapping and polishing of the bore and chamber, checking the crown, properly bedding the stock to the type of the rifle you have. Each type of rifle action requires its own type of bedding, then replace the trigger with a safe but adjustable trigger that will operate at about 3 pounds. With most factory rifles that have been accurized, you can expect 1 minute of angle, or in some cases, less.

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