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Northern Rifle Accurizing

Northern Rifle Accurizing offers rifle and shotgun modification services to the Grand Forks, ND. Our services are designed to improve accuracy, reliability, and performance, as well as extending the life of your weapon.

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Learn More About Northern Rifle Accurizing:

  • Custom rifle building - hand-polished chambers and bores, standard and wildcat calibers
  • Hunter grade rifle re-barreling - pre-contoured and pre-threaded barrels, most types of actions and calibers
  • Custom rifle modifications - glass bed finished, free float barrel channel, trigger turning, cleaning and reconditioning, drill and tap scope bases and peep sights, “sako type” extractors (installed on Remington 700 series rifles), and muzzle brakes (Magnum or Varmint type)
  • Custom shotgun modifications - custom re-choking
  • Custom shotgun and stock work - port barrels for recoil reduction
  • Re-blueing and metal finishing
  • Custom stock work
  • M1 rifles and AR rifle parts
  • Custom long-range scopes, mounts, and rails
  • Authorized Forster Precision products - coax press, case trimmers, outside neck turners, bench rest sizing dies, coax case, and cartridge inspectors

Contact Northern Rifle Accurizing today at 218-779-1784.

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Northern Rifle Accurizing

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