Remington P-17

Remington P-17

This rifle is completely rebuilt like most all of our vintage rifles, they are not collecting type rifles, they are designed for shooting.

It has a new criterion barrel; all the metal parts have been parkerized.  The stock has the rifles serial number stamped in the wood.  It had faint traces of red paint so I did some research and found that in 1940 we sent these rifles to the Brits for the lend-lease program so they would know these P-17 were 30-06 and not 303 like their P-14’s.  I cleaned the dirt from the wood an put some fresh tung oil on it then repainted the 4 inch area of red paint.

I used it in a couple of vintage military matches to sight it in and test fire it, works good!

Price $1,095.00


Grand Forks Gunsmith