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  • This rifle we built for a customer that does both F Class and bench rest shooting.  We started out with a Stiller action, this one is a right hand action with a large bolt knob which makes bolt operation easy.  This model has a right hand bolt and left port for loading, this makes shooting a lot easier for right hand shooters.
  • This one has a 1 inch diameter at 30 inch barrel chambered in 6 MMCX.  You don’t need 30 inches of barrel to get velocity but it sure helps with balance and barrel harmonics for long range shooting.  It has a 1 in 8 twist for the long VLD bullets, we can even do a faster twist if you want to shoot the heavier bullets.
  • The stock is a walnut laminate with a 3 inch wide forend for stability.
  • We also installed an adjustable butt plate which makes your cheek weld easier when switching from shooting bench rest to shooting prone.

Grand Forks Gunsmith