Montana 300 Win-Mag

This rifle we built for long range hunting.  We started with a Montana Right Hand Magnum actiion and a match grade stainless steel barrel in a number 4 contour.We chambered it in 300 Winchester Magnum.We threaded the muzzle end and installed a muzzle brake so that recoil is reduced to the point of not even thinking about it.The barreled action is bedded into the aluminum bedding block on this H-S precision stock.  All of our custom rifles have a bore brite treatment which iis a hand lapping of the barrel which makes the barrel break in go easier and reduces barrel fouling.

For our long range rfles we can use most any scope you want but like most of these rifles I like to use the Leupold long range series 6.5 X 20 X 50 with side focus on 30 mm tubes and a rail mount and PRW  Leupold rings.  We work up a load for the rifle that shoots well and then cronograph it for the rifles velocity and then Leupold will make a custom dial for long range shooting.  This way all you need is a range finder to get the yardage, then turn your custom knob  to  that yardage  and put the crosshairs right on the spot.

Grand Forks Gunsmith