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This is a picture of one of our rifles we built. This is a MI Grand we use springfilled and H & R receivers, then we rebarrel these with Criterion barrels in 30 F or 30-06. All barrels get a bore bright treatment to get the best accuracy and will resist fowling longer. Most of our military rifle builds we use new wood and pay special attention to the pore filling and hand rubbing of the stocks so that they will not only look good but will feel good.
We then reparkerize these rifles to give them their new look. (above & below)

These rifles are made for shooting not for collection. Original MI or other military rifles are judged at how they look in an original condition, they may have a lot of nostalgia and will look good but most of the time the barrels are shot out and will not shoot a good group. Our military rifles are used for C. M. P. Vintaqe riffle matches and in order to get a good score you will need a new barrel. No other accurizing is done other than the new barrel as that is all that is allowed under C. M. P. rules for these military rifles. For MI rifles used for other things than C. M. P. shooting we can glass bed these like the National Match MI’s were or build them in the MI-D sniper model.

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