Vintage Sniper Rifle

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This is a Vintage Sniper rifle we built for C. M. P. Sniper Rifle Competition. This one is a 1903-A3-A4 sniper we use d Remington or Smith Corona actions then rebarrel them with new criterion barrels. We use these criterion barrels for all of our Vintage Military Rifles we have found these are very good quality barrels, then we hand lap the barrels to make them as good as possible. Like the rest of our Vintage military rifles we put a hand rubbed tung oil finish on the new wood and parkerizing the metal parts.

On this rifle it is an example of a US Army Sniper, the army used Weaver 330 scopes like this one or Lyman Alaskan 2 1/2 power scopes.The following three pictures are of a US Army Sniper.  We use Redfield bases to make them as original as possible.  We also build the Marine Corps Sniper which used an 8 power Unertl scope.

Grand Forks Gunsmith