NRA Coyote Rifle

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The ND Coyote Rifle Complete

You can build it anyway that you want with different stocks, forends, and different caliber barrrels (204, 5.56, 6X45).  Most all of our barrels are threaded.  We can add all these things on if you already have an AR rifle and build one of these out of your rifle.

Two Different stocks available

THE NORTH DAKOTA COYOTE RIFLE is not just another AR Rifle.

It was a specially designed for use when coyote calling when you have multiple animals coming in at a time.  The semi auto action allows you to keep your eye in the scope after the first shot.  The barrel is threaded on the end and we use a linear brake on the muzzle that directs the gases away from you for less noise and it also helps with muzzle jump so you can see the bullet hit and make corrections for the next shot.
We start out with our own barrel design that we have special made for us in a light weight sporting contour.  This is a match grade stainless steel barrel with a 1:10 twist.  Being that this is a varmint rifle you will want bullets designed for varmint shooting.  The 1:10 twist likes 50-70 grain bullets.
Without much effort our customers are telling us they are getting ragged groups at 100 yards with their rifles.
Next we added a free float hand guard that is not fastened to the barrel, which can ruin accuracy.
The upper receiver has a raised picatinny rail so you don’t need scope spacers. because on varmint rifles you don’t use iron sights.  The upper receivers sleek design as it does n’t need a forward assist or a dust cover.
The lower receiver is complemented with a comfortable hand grip and a winter trigger guard.  We install a quality single stage trigger set at about 3.5lbs.
We have found that by installing a wood stock you get greater accuracy and consistency with your group size.
The wood stocks are available in the colors green camo, salt & pepper, and walnut.
These are available in .204 Ruger, .223/5.56 and 6mm x 45.
We also have upper receivers available so you can switch your other AR’s into this hunting configuration.


This Rifle we built for a long range coyote rifle. We chambered it in one of my favorite wildcats a 22-6mm. It is a 6mm Remington brass necked down to 22 caliber. I make the dies for reloading and you get about the same or better performance than a 220 swift. I build this rifle with a 1 in 8 twist for the heavier than usual weight 22 caliber bullets. 1 in 8 twist will stabilize the 77 to 80 gr bullets for long range shooting. A lot of shooters will like the 52 to 55 grain bullets because of the higher velocity at the muzzle but for long range shooting these bullets will lose their velocity faster and will not buck the wind like the heavier 22 caliber bullets will. This rifle happens to be a left hand rifle, with a Krieger fluted barrel, the muzzle is threaded for a sound suppressor that the customer plans to get from us at a later date. The action is a Remington action and as in all the other rifles we build, we completely blueprint the action for the best accuracy possible and blueprint the barrel also. The stock is an H-S precision stock with an aluminum bedding block that was fully bedded in.








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