Local Events


These pictures were taken in 2015 at a practice match at the Forks Rifle Club in Grand Forks, ND. The Forks Rifle Club hosts practice matches about once a month on a Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 PM. These matches are open to members and non-members alike. It gives all shooters a chance to practice with whatever kind of a rifle you want to shoot. All shooting is done from the prone position at 300 and 600 yards so whether you are shooting a 22 pound unlimited F class rifle or a 17 pound FTR F class rifle or a 10 ½ pound varmint rifle for prairie dogs or a 22 cal. Wildcat for coyotes or a 300 win mag for elk. It is a chance to practice with that rifle and have somebody pull targets for you as ½ of the people shoot and the other half pull targets and switch off doing that so when you shoot your target goes down then back up with your shot – hole plugged and shot scored.

There are some wind flags to help you learn how to read the wind for shooting and if you need help getting things zeroed in there is always lots of other shooters that are glad to help you get things zeroed in and lots of reloading info for the best loads.

Don’t worry that you don’t have as good of equipment as somebody else shooting next to you as there are several different types of rifles for different types of shooting like “F” class, Varmints and Big game hunting, iron sight type competition shooting vintage sniper rifles or just shooting for the fun of it. Remember we all stated at some time and can all use practice.

For dates and times check the Events Calendar at forksrifleclub.org


Pictured from left to right, Brandon Alexander, Max Schuh, Maria Rosa-Nieves, and Jacob Vaagen.

Alexander, Rosa-Nieves and Vaagen will compete in the Air Rifle Matches and Schuh will compete in the Air Pistol Matches.

Grand Forks Gunsmith