These two pictures of stocks with an aluminum bedding block, the top picture is the same style stock before bedding.  Most manufactures will tell you if you buy the stock with an aluminum bedding block you don’t need to bed them, just torque the screws down to whatever they tell you.

I have always found that any kind of a stock will shoot better if properly bedded with the right compounds and bedded the proper way for the type of action andd for each type of manufacturer .

The top picture is the bedding block as it came from the stock manufacture.

The bottom picture is the stock after it has been bedded.  As you look at the two pictures you can see the top picture “before bedding” has basically no support for the action.  The action, recoil lug and barrel has no support and is only held in place by the two 1/4 inch action screws.

I have seen many times that shooters have tired to get the accuracy and consistence they are searching for by over tightening the action screw, to the point of stripping the threads and with some after market stocks, they don’t have the proper length action screws.

The bedding job that we do is different for each type of action and each manufacture.

But we try to do only the best quality job with the best materials on every job we do.

Price                       $150

Grand Forks Gunsmith