Rifle Rebarreling

If you have a rifle with a worn out barrel or you would like a different caliber we can rebarrel your rifle for what ever caliber you need.  for example if you are wanting a long range hunting rifle we can either use the action off of the rifle you have now or we have new actions on hand, we can either use the stock you have or install a new stock which ever one you choose we will properly bed the stock to get the best accuracy.

On all of our rebarreling jobs, we blueprint the entire rifle action, bolt and barrel.

On our long range rifle work we can tailor the optics for your rifle, we can also cronograph your rifle and make a custom dial for shooting long range and if you need we can set the rifle up with the right loads, scope and shoot the rifle on our range.  We have some pictures on this web site under the heading of “RIFLES”.

Or just call me with any questions as I can talk a lot faster than I can type  218-779-1784.

Grand Forks Gunsmith