Custom Modifications

Recoil Pads

    Adjustable Butt Plates (Graco)

adjustable butt plateadjustablebutt




Adjustable Combs (Graco)

adustable cheek combcombhardware


Custom Spacers
We can measure the shooter and custom fit for length of pull or we can install an adjustable Graco butt plate where you can adjust change of pitch and change of length of pull and we can also add a recoil reducer with your stock hardware.

For beginners and hunters that need a measured precise fit for youngsters/ladies/tall people, we can cut and fit a stock for whatever size of person is required.

We carry a variety of target beads, front and middle beads in fiber optic or more traditional color options

We also offer Barrel Porting and custom re-choking of barrels.


TRUGLO beads

Grand Forks Gunsmith