Bore Brite

Bore Brite is a (JB-Bore Compound product) it is a polishing compound that thoroughly cleans and polishes the inside of the barrel.

New barrels have microscopic burrs on the lands and grooves when it is new.

We have found that by polishing the inside of the barrel or a “Bore Brite Treatment” will help eliminate most barrel fouling and will cut down on the length of the time spent o breaking in new barrels and will bring back to life older barrels that might have a buildup of fouling or have never had a barrel break in done when it was new. Sometimes these barrels may have shot well at one time, but have had a loss of accuracy; this can be a buildup of fouling or carbon.

On every new barrel that we build at Northern Rifle Accurizing we do a Bore Brite treatment.  We do 150 passes for the procedure.

We start out with using a one piece cleaning rod and the proper size jag (I prefer the “Dewey” line of rods and accessories) for the caliber of the rifle we are working with and proper thickness of a path for a tight fit in the bore.

The way we do it is to keep track of the number of passes is first put a smear of the Bore Brite on the patch then run it down the bore and put your finger over the end of the barrel when you feel the jag, you need to flag the rod, that means putting a piece of rape around the rod and line it up with the end of the receiver so that when you push the rod down the barrel the second pass, you will know when to stop before it leaves the barrel.

Then I continue the lapping action back and forth 10 times, then I take that patch off and start a line on my bench, then take another patch and put a smear of Bore Brite on it and start the procedure again until you have ten laps with that one. Then take the second patch off and place it next to the first one and continue the process until you have 15 patches lined up and you will know you have done 150 passes.

After the lapping process is complete, the bore, chamber and bolt recess area must be thoroughly cleaned with the bore cleaner you normally use then apply a bore conditioner to the bore.

You can refer to our page on barrel cleaning to finish up after you do the Bore Brite procedure.

Grand Forks Gunsmith