In North Dakota there are approximately 600,000 people, in a good year the Game and Fish Department will sell 100,000 hunting licenses for big game and around 100,000 bird hunting licenses to resident hunters and about 30,000 hunting licenses to non-resident people.  A lot of these people who buy non-resident licenses are the children of North Dakota people who like to come home to hunt with friends and relatives.

Of the 600,000 residents of North Dakota that do not actively hunt about 300,000 own firearms, some of these firearms have been inherited from loved ones or are owned for self-protection or owned to shoot skunks and badgers.

This fall Vice-President Biden is running for President.

Before President Obama and Vice-President Biden left office they had in effect several presidential declarations that their followers would hope to fully implement.  These presidential declarations would have made hunting on government owned land a federal offence.  Another had about sixteen things that people might do to firearms that they own like adjusting the trigger or if you reload your own ammunition, you would have had to pay for a federal license for $2250.00.  If you use a firearm and did not have this license you would be in violation of federal law, which is a federal felony.  This way your local police and sheriff’s department would have nothing to do with it.

If someone saw you hunting or shooting they could call a federal police (FBI, US Marshall, etc.) and turn you in as you would be a federal felon!

So when it comes time to vote this fall keep this in mind.

President Obama’s Vice-President, Joe Biden has all this a much more for people that enjoy hunting or the shooting sports.

So if you are the small minority of North Dakota people that don’t own firearms or hunt, you must have relatives and friends that do.

So, when it comes time to vote this fall, picture the face of that relative or that friend that hunts and imagine sticking your finger in the eye of that person.  Because if you vote for Joe Biden that is exactly what you are doing.

Grand Forks Gunsmith